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Passes may be purchased at either JCC location, by mail, or at the theater door ˝ hour prior to each film. Individual film tickets must be purchased at the theater door.

Film Festival Pre-Opening & Israel Independence Day Celebration (Yom Ha’atzmaut)

Sunday, May 3, 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm JCC Amherst

Program is FREE! BVK Kosher food (available for purchase)

Individual Film Tickets $8
Purchase at the theater door. No advance sales.

Save a Little! Flex Pass $40 (saves $8)
Flex passes may be shared and can be used for any 6 films.

Save the Most! Movie Maven All Festival Pass $75
Admits one to all screenings of all films.

Give a Little Extra Support!
Your generosity will be acknowledged at the Festival and in the 2010 Festival Guide & Website.

StarStarStarStarStarStarSuperstar $1000 +

StarStarStarStarMovie Star $500 - $999

StarStarStarStarExecutive Producer $225 - $499

StarStarDirector $125 - $224

StarStarAssistant Director $50 - $124

StarFestival Friends $18 - $49

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Please note that donations do not include Festival tickets. Your contribution is tax deductible.