As the Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival embarks on its 29th season, there are a few particular reasons to be especially enthused. First, the Festival is returning to the community for most of its duration, having been invited back to the Amherst Dipson Theatre which is hosting from May 16-22. This move stems from mutual desire by our audience, the theater, and the Festival committee. Then the Festival will continue from June 8-15 at the Maxine & Robert Seller Theatre at the JCC’s Benderson Building. This is the first time that the Festival has been presented at two prime venues and with split dates. That prospect is exciting, – and challenging.

Another source of excitement is that this year’s film selections appear unparalleled in quality. They include the two most highly awarded Israeli films from 2012, an Academy Award nominee, plus other highly acclaimed films from France, Germany, Holland, the U.K., Macedonia (!), the U.S., and Israel.

Additionally, the Festival will present the premiere of a documentary produced and filmed by Buffalo-area media enthusiasts, Rich Kellman and Marty Kerker.

Noteworthy, too, is that the JCC of Greater Buffalo has won the 2014 JCCs of North America’s Biennial Excellence “Kol Ha Kavod Award” for the 2013 Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival brochure. According to Robin Ballin, 2014 Biennial Director, this brochure illustrates the extraordinary creativity of JCC professionals and lay people.

What is this year’s theme? In most of the films, it would be that individual people, acting through courage and conviction, can make a difference.

And of course there will be another fabulous Gala celebration, with catering by the Tel Aviv Cafe at the JCC, and an outstanding accompanying film.

Come and enjoy the festivities. See you at the movies!



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